Music Mondays: Adele

Adele is a English singer, songwriter, and musician. She was born on May 5, 1988. I love Adele so much she’s one of my favorite artists. I admire her so much. She’s simply beautiful, strong, amazing and talented. Her songs are so touching that it sometimes gives me the goosebumps. She’s a humble person and a gifted vocalist, a combination that is rare to see in today’s singers. I especially love how she is able to articulate all her feelings into one single song. Although all her songs generally seem to be about pain and heartbreak, she does a magnificent job in getting her message across in each of them. You can feel her pain and almost relate to it too. Some of my favorite songs are Someone Like You, Don’t You Remember, Rolling In The Deep, Chasing Pavements, Hometown Glory, Turning Tables, and Rumour Has It.


Back to School…

Hey guys sorry I haven’t post anything since Thursday. I have been getting things ready for back to school. Today is my first day and I’m feeling quite nervous. Thank God for my schedule this semester. Mons, Thurs, and Fri I go in at 2:30 pm and I come out at 5:00 pm, well Fridays I come out at 5:50 pm. The only day I have to wake up early is Tues, since I go in at 8 am but I come out at 11:20 am so it’s not so bad and Weds, Sat, Sun, I have off. Oh and for once all my classes are in the same floor and in the same building although it doesn’t really matter this semester since I only have 1 class each day. Anyways, I guess I’m also nervous because I’m dropping off my resume today to work at the school since I need money to pay for my tuition and I’m only taking 3 classes this semester so I’m going to have an ample load of time left in the day. Plus, I’m going to be working with children. I send an e-mail to the director to work at the daycare center in my school as a daycare assistant. I think this semester is going to be fun and interesting. I’m going to be going to school and hopefully be working there too and I also have my internship at Wordever. It’s going to be nice being this busy ahaha! Well wish me luck you guys.

This Thing Thursday: Google Doodle Creation

So the coolest thing I found for today, is this YouTube Video that features, Dennis Hwang, the Chief Google Doodler. In this video he shows us how Google doodles are designed and created. As a communication design major, it is always exciting and interesting to see the process and the creative development behind a finished piece.

Under Construction

So as you can probably tell, (if you visit my blog often) I’m doing a little make over to my blog. I changed my theme and my banner and I added a menu. Hopefully tomorrow I can post my about me, although I’m still thinking about it since my portfolio has an about me and so does my Wordever profile. (hmm we will see) if not I’ll probably add a message/contact form instead so that you guys can contact me and leave me questions or comments, how does that sound instead, which would you guys prefer?

Immigration: Undocumented Students

So this is my response, my reaction, and my opinion to an article I just read at by the Huffington Post:

It is a really sad case when immigrant students are brought to the US at such an early age because they feel American and all they know is America. Believe it or not they are entitled to feel that way. I mean just imagine being born somewhere else and then growing up in an entire different part of the world with new customs and a different language. It will be a shame and a great loss for this country if many of these immigrant students get deported back to their countries when they have been in the US struggling for so long and have worked just as hard for an education. Many people argue that they should go back to their homelands but we are being ignorant, how many of us would leave or flee to another country if things in America turned out just as bad and for those who are parents how many of you would want a brighter future for your kids and do anything it takes to assure that possibility even if it means risking your own life for that matter. I mean who are we to judge the tribulations that perhaps many of these immigrant families have encountered in their homelands and have we forgotten that our parents and/or ancestors were once immigrants too. I hope that Obama is not just bringing things out to the table at the last minute just because it’s “convenient” and “beneficial” for him with the elections coming up because it is kind of fishy that he waited all the way till now and honestly it scares me. I’m trying to think positive and I just hope that if he does get re-elected, that he keeps his word and has an actual plan set up to make a change for these young undocumented students.

Music Mondays: Matisyahu

Matisyahu is a talented American musician. He was born in West Chester, Pennsylvania as Matthew Paul Miller. He was brought up a Reconstructionist Jew, much of his music revolves around his Jewish faith. I would describe his music as a blend of reggae, rock and hip hop. The lyrics to his songs are deep and inspirational and they often carry a message. Two of my favorite songs from Matisyahu are Sunshine and King Without a Crown. If you’ve never heard of Matisyahu, read more about him here.

Beauty Review: Revlon Pink Sugar#006

So I’ve recently purchased this new lipstick, it’s called Pink Sugar #006 by the Revlon Colorburst lipstick line collection and I have to say I am impressed by the quality of this lipstick. I just started using it and I have instantly fallen in love with it. It has a light-pinkish nude color tone to it so it looks light, natural and not too over the top which is perfect because that’s just how I like my lipstick. I especially love the vibrant sparkling finish that it leaves on my lips and the fact that it goes on smoothly and doesn’t make my lips dry at all. I would highly recommend for you to purchase this lipstick if you want a sheer non-dramatic natural looking color. Plus, it is affordable and suitable for your everyday casual look.