Girls vs. Guys

My husband has this theory on how it’s easier for us girls to get attention just for the simple fact that girls generally get hit on by guys on the streets on a daily basis. He states that we girls are so accustomed to getting hit on that at the end of the day it’s really not so important to us, it’s just another ordinary day of getting hit on. But for a guy, oh man for a guy it’s a pretty big deal. If a guy gets hit on by a girl it’s as if he won the lottery. A bit of exaggeration perhaps but I can see the point my husband is trying to make. I mean let’s face it his right, we girls get whistled at, stared at, get honked at by guys in cars, have guys randomly walk up and talk to us with their most pathetic pick up lines and that ladies takes all the ounce of pride and guts in the world. For a guy to come out of their comfort zone to try to kick it to a girl, it’s a pretty hard task especially if the girl is either one stuck up, two not interested, three has her guards up or four is completely creep out by you. I have to admit it though, guys do normally tend to get rejected more easily than girls.


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