Back to School…

Hey guys sorry I haven’t post anything since Thursday. I have been getting things ready for back to school. Today is my first day and I’m feeling quite nervous. Thank God for my schedule this semester. Mons, Thurs, and Fri I go in at 2:30 pm and I come out at 5:00 pm, well Fridays I come out at 5:50 pm. The only day I have to wake up early is Tues, since I go in at 8 am but I come out at 11:20 am so it’s not so bad and Weds, Sat, Sun, I have off. Oh and for once all my classes are in the same floor and in the same building although it doesn’t really matter this semester since I only have 1 class each day. Anyways, I guess I’m also nervous because I’m dropping off my resume today to work at the school since I need money to pay for my tuition and I’m only taking 3 classes this semester so I’m going to have an ample load of time left in the day. Plus, I’m going to be working with children. I send an e-mail to the director to work at the daycare center in my school as a daycare assistant. I think this semester is going to be fun and interesting. I’m going to be going to school and hopefully be working there too and I also have my internship at Wordever. It’s going to be nice being this busy ahaha! Well wish me luck you guys.


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