This is so relevant to me right now…

Two people are better than one because [together] they have a good reward for their hard work. If one falls, the other can help his friend get up. But how tragic it is for the one who is [all] alone when he falls. There is no one to help him get up.—Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 ✌


Some Exciting News…

Recently, I was featured in Latina Magazine for Inspiring Young Latina. It is exciting to be featured in a magazine and to have your hard work be recognized by others, hopefully this will help in driving more traffic to (where I intern for) and also help in opening more doors for me as well in the future.

You can read the full article on the link below.

Happy September 1st Everyone

I haven’t been on since Monday and I apologized for that. I will tried my best to start blogging again. So a few updates, I got the job at school, the director reviewed my resume and told me to meet her this Wednesday so that she could see my schedule and that way she can set up the times of when I can come in to work , so I’m pretty excited about that. I honestly feel like I’m finally accomplishing some of the goals that I had in mind, which is pretty good.  I’m going to continue on being positive and hopefully good things will keep coming my way. So far with school, I’m enjoying my classes, perhaps because I’m finally specializing/concentrating in the area I most enjoy out of my major, which is Web Design. This semester I’m taking 3 courses, Web Design 2, Website Architecture, and Communication Design 2. Communication Design 2 is the only class that focuses more towards advertising but that’s fine with me because I still find that class quite interesting and I plan to apply all the things I end up learning from all my classes this semester into my internship at because I would really love to end up working for them.

P.S. Here’s an image that I took of the blue moon yesterday in my backyard, it won’t happen again until 2015 ! 

Back to School…

Hey guys sorry I haven’t post anything since Thursday. I have been getting things ready for back to school. Today is my first day and I’m feeling quite nervous. Thank God for my schedule this semester. Mons, Thurs, and Fri I go in at 2:30 pm and I come out at 5:00 pm, well Fridays I come out at 5:50 pm. The only day I have to wake up early is Tues, since I go in at 8 am but I come out at 11:20 am so it’s not so bad and Weds, Sat, Sun, I have off. Oh and for once all my classes are in the same floor and in the same building although it doesn’t really matter this semester since I only have 1 class each day. Anyways, I guess I’m also nervous because I’m dropping off my resume today to work at the school since I need money to pay for my tuition and I’m only taking 3 classes this semester so I’m going to have an ample load of time left in the day. Plus, I’m going to be working with children. I send an e-mail to the director to work at the daycare center in my school as a daycare assistant. I think this semester is going to be fun and interesting. I’m going to be going to school and hopefully be working there too and I also have my internship at Wordever. It’s going to be nice being this busy ahaha! Well wish me luck you guys.

Thank you Lord for hearing my prayers…

I just finished having a phone interview with the CEO of and I got the internship that I have been waiting for! You are looking at the Web Marketing/Blogger of

Well for now it’s an internship, for this month I’m going to be an intern on trail period and after a month I might get a permanent job position if they see that I’m good a fit, wish me luck you guys 😀

Mini-rant alert.

You know what really ticks me off when people take me for an absolute idiot. They say hurtful things and then they wonder why I’m mad. Obviously it was because of the hurtful words you just said to me and then they have the audacity to ask what’s wrong or why I’m if nothing happened -__-

Ughh I’m so tired of being nice.