40 Random Facts About Me

1-My name was initially going to be Giselle but instead I was name Astrid. Which later on my mom came to find out was the name of one of my dad’s ex girlfriends. (Yup my mom was pretty pissed.)

2-I have always love reading and writing, as a child my favorite books were from Amelia Bedelia. But the one book that I could never put down as a child and that make me cried like no tomorrow was A Child Called “It”.

3-When I hear a song I really like, I can listen to it over and over again without getting tired of it. I will usually sing along to it too, if no one else is around.

4-I love white chocolate and if it’s not white chocolate, it at least has to have almonds or caramel inside because I can’t stand regular/dark chocolate. I find it disgusting.

5-When I was little, a random lady in the bus gave my mom 20 bucks after hearing me sing. (Yea, I used to love singing in public places when I was little.)

6-My first time going to the theaters was when I was 10 and the movie I saw was American Psycho. (For all of you who have seen it, you can agree that this movie is inappropriate for a 10 yr old.)

7-When I was little I used to always walk on my tippy toes. Everyone in my family thought I was aiming to be a ballerina.

8-I’m scare of heights. Two years ago my husband took me for the first time to Six Flags since I’ve never been there. Mind you I had never step foot on a roller coaster either and instead of putting me on a beginner’s ride, he put me on Nitro. (Man I thought was going to die!)

9-Unlike other people, I like my vegetables. I think this is due to the fact that when I was little I was generally always sick and my grandma would always give me her homemade remedies which had every vegetable you can think of.

10-My favorite colors are pink and baby blue.

11-I have many different handwriting styles.

12-I prefer the cold. Being all nice, cozy, and warm under the blankets is sweet!

13-For all 4 years of high school, I was a soprano in my chorus class.

14-People always tend to think that I’m either Puerto Rican or Dominican. I can actually count the times when people thought I was something else, which was two times. The first time was when a classmate asked me if I was Brazilian and the second time was when some random man in the bus who sat next to me asked me if I was Venezuelan.

15-When I was in 5th grade, my principal gave me a reading award in front of the whole school and said I had the reading level of a 9th grader.

16-My first fight was in head start and it was over a hula hoop !

17-I love falling asleep to soothing and relaxing music.

18-I used to take piano, guitar, and dance lessons.

19-I’m 5’2, yea I’m pretty short for a 23 year old.

20-My first boyfriend and first kiss was when I was a sophomore in high school.

21-I met my husband in my third day of starting community college.

22-Before majoring in Design. I was a major in Music Production for 1 semester.

23-I like to make people laugh.

24-I visited a psychic on my senior yr of high school with a friend and so far she’s pretty much nail a lot of the events that have happened so far in my life. (Coincidence or fate..hmm who knows.)

25-I have only traveled to one country so far and that is Colombia but I would really love to travel and explore the world someday ♥

26-I’ve traveled to two states so far, Florida and New Jersey and I’ve passed by several other states like Washington, North/South Carolina, etc when I was heading out to Florida on a road trip last yr.

27-My two favorite kinds of cookies from Subway are macadamia nuts and raspberry cheesecake.

28-My favorite type of doughnut is glazed.

29-I used to have a notebook full of poems, songs and stories that I was planning to published one day but my sister “supposedly” threw it out by mistake -__-

30-I hate being called Astrid Maria together in Spanish because it makes me feel like I’m in trouble :/ (Maria is my middle name by the way.)

31-I’m a hopeless romantic, as much as I tried to deny it I still truly believe in that fairy tale kind of love.

32-My puppy Zephyr has made me LOVE animals. When I was little I used to be terrified of dogs but because of my puppy Zephyr I have grown to love dogs 🙂

33-I keep so many things bottled inside :/

34-I’ve never gone to a concert 😦

35-I love shopping and I love giving presents 🙂

36-I was born on May 3, 1989 on a Wednesday.

37-I’m a daydreamer.

38-I love ginger-ale, coca-cola and iced-tea :]

39-I love hello kitty and if I ever have a daughter. She’s going to LOVE her too!

40-My favorite movie is Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

If you have read all 40 facts about me, I applaud you 🙂