Featured Friday: Wordever.com

So my Featured Friday for today is Wordever.com, Wordever.com is a site where you can browse, share and catch up with all the latest and current topics. We discuss and share articles + videos on politics, the Olympics, fashion, technology, social media, home decoration, recipes, comedy, art, photography, books, movies, and so much more. All content found on Wordever is generated by users around the world, meaning that Wordever is information by the people for the people. We clip, organize and share topics to make the searching experience easier for YOU. We are, Wordever, the first human powered search engine.

At Wordever.com, you also have the ability to start your own blog or share blog posts from a blog site that you might already have with another platform such as Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, etc, you are also able to clip and share articles that you find online with our clip it feature. Here’s a video tutorial to show you how this blogging feature at Wordever.com works.

YOU, can also join and be a part of the Wordever movement by signing up through your Facebook and creating a profile with us, here’s a video to show you how to get started once you have sign up using your facebook.


Featured Friday: Rhett and Link

So not to long ago online, on YouTube I was able to come across a very interesting video which demonstrates how two individuals named Rhett and Link were able to create a commercial for two well-known selling brands known as McDonald’s and Coke. They were first discovered through their creativity in making a video through YouTube called T-Shirt War which was a stop-motion animated video that enable viewers to see a war between the two individuals through their t-shirts. Through the graphics, sounds, and animations, Rhett and Link were able to go at war against each other by visually communicating and making the graphics in their t-shirts come to life.

So you can get a better idea as to what they do, here is a link of the first video which got them discovered:

As you can see they make everything come to life through their expressions, movements, and animation. Now, you are probably wondering the steps they took in order to create such a creative video.

Well, in this video below, Rhett and Link give us a full sneak peek of the process, creation, and editing of the T-Shirt War 2 video for the McDonald’s and Coke commercial. This video is a form of process documentation because it shows the steps as to how they make the graphics, animations, and sounds for this commercial:

As a communication design major, it is exciting to see how two individuals landed on such a great opportunity and are able to recreate and demonstrate to all their talent through the making of The T-Shirt War 2 Commercial. I also like the fact that they show and give credit to all of the other people who took part in contributing and in making this project happen.