Featured Friday: Wordever.com

So my Featured Friday for today is Wordever.com, Wordever.com is a site where you can browse, share and catch up with all the latest and current topics. We discuss and share articles + videos on politics, the Olympics, fashion, technology, social media, home decoration, recipes, comedy, art, photography, books, movies, and so much more. All content found on Wordever is generated by users around the world, meaning that Wordever is information by the people for the people. We clip, organize and share topics to make the searching experience easier for YOU. We are, Wordever, the first human powered search engine.

At Wordever.com, you also have the ability to start your own blog or share blog posts from a blog site that you might already have with another platform such as Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, etc, you are also able to clip and share articles that you find online with our clip it feature. Here’s a video tutorial to show you how this blogging feature at Wordever.com works.

YOU, can also join and be a part of the Wordever movement by signing up through your Facebook and creating a profile with us, here’s a video to show you how to get started once you have sign up using your facebook.


Throwback Thursday: Sconex

Remember Sconex? Before Myspace and Facebook, Sconex was the site to be in. It was a social networking site and directory for students in high school. In order to join you had to register with the school you were from and answer questions about the school you attended. (Such as who was the gym teacher etc.)  You were also able to connect with friends from school and make friends with students from other high schools. Come to think of it, Sconex had similar features to Facebook, you were able to post a personal profile, photos and notes, make and take quizzes, form and join groups, have little school contests where other students from your school would vote who was best dressed, class clown, and so forth. There was also a “crush” button, where you were able to add people as crushes to see if they like you or not (kind of similar to the annoying poking button on Facebook).

I have tried searching to see whatever happened to Sconex but no one really knows the “real reason” behind the Sconex shutdown but my best guess was that it closed down because of competition with other social networking sites that were becoming popular at that moment. Everyone moved to the “next best thing” and as a result Sconex probably lost a great deal of money.

In fact, if you type http://www.sconex.com it directs you to http://www.teen.com, perhaps Teen bought the site from Sconex.

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